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Last booking period opened Aug 20th, 2020
appointments for Oct, Nov + Dec

Hello and thanks for your interest in my work.

Please fill out the form below, include as much info as possible, and I will get back to you 7-14 days after receiving your submission.

Please ensure that you have read over the F.A.Q's , and only submit projects you are completely committed to getting. Be mindful of your own financial situation and schedule limitations.

My application process is not first come first serve, instead I choose projects based on my own personal interests & strengths.  I am looking to tattoo projects that fit my style, give me a challenge, and involve interesting concepts.

Filling out this form does not mean your submission will be fit into this booking period.

It depends a lot on the volume of requests I receive and how quickly available dates book up. I truly appreciate your interest!

Please note : If you need to change your appointment date or need any immediate assistance please call Tattoo Zoo during shop hours (250) 361-1952

Booking form disabled till next booking round.
Watch social media to find out when the next opening will be..
Thanks for your interest!