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Thanks for being interested in booking in for some of my pre-drawn tattoo designs.

Here is how it works:

Designs are only being tattooed once.
They will be booked first come first serve.
No reservations without a deposit.
Deposit required within 5 hours of my reply e-mail or the design is forfeit.

Step 1:  - Select a tattoo design of your choice.
Step 2: - Fill out the form below to request to book your selected design.
(you may list multiple design choices incase the one your after is taken)
Step 3: - Once I have your submission, you'll receive a reply within 1 day to book your appointment time. 
Step 4:- Once you get my reply e-mail you will get instructions and will need to pay a $100 deposit to reserve your design. 
(deposit goes towards total cost of tattoo)

Because everyone get's tattooed differently..
Pricing is based off my hourly rate of $170/hr and cost of design will depend on how big you get it and how detailed it is.

Small : $120-$170  (Less then an hour to an hour) approx 3-5"
Medium : $255-$425 ( 1.5hr-2.5hr ) approx 6-8"
Large : $510 + ( 3 hours or more... or 9" or larger in size )
For larger pieces we can discuss further details via e-mail..

More info:
Since this booking round is split into custom and pre-drawn designs I will have limited booking space...

Each design this round will only be tattooed ONCE!
First come first serve for the designs.
When a design is claimed I will update design availability on Instagram as it's quicker to update.
(specifically the "flash" stories tab)

Once again, Thanks for looking and all your interest!!!

Also I feel silly having to write this but...
Respect the art and PLEASE DO NOT take my designs and get them tattooed by someone else or use them for your own.
Booking form for flash closed.
All designs claimed.
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