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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through to find information about booking with Nicole and some frequently asked questions..

Q: How can I book in a tattoo with you?

A:  Hi, thanks for being interested in booking with me! I am only booking in two-three month increments. Go to the contact page and fill out the tattoo request form to book in. Follow me on Instagram and watch for when I open my books.
Please note: If you send a request when my books are closed - it will not be considered. Thank you for understanding!

Q: What does "books closed" mean?

A: It means that I am currently not taking on new projects. I do not book any further out than two-three months out as so I can keep organized and manage the workload.
I announce on my social media when my books will be re-opening and there will be limited time window for your submission. If you miss the window - please try again next time.

Q: How much is your hourly rate, what will my tattoo cost?

A:  Minimum charge is $120 and my hourly rate is $180/hr (plus tax) for flash and $190 for custom work.

I can give you a quote on your tattoo once we have a consultation. Once you are booked in - I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment date and to guarantee a drawing. You have 5 days to submit a deposit or your appointment will be nullified. Your deposit comes off the price of your tattoo at the end of your final tattoo appointment.

Q: How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

A:   You must be 18+ years to be tattooed, no exception. I promise it's worth the wait! :)

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We accept Cash, Debit, Credit, and e-transfers. 

Q: Do you do custom work or just your own flash designs?

A:   I enjoy doing both! I try to maintain some available flash designs which can be found through my Instagram, but I also love creating custom pieces and working with amazing clients on interesting projects that suit my style.

Q: Where are you located, what are your hours?

A:  I work out of the wonderful shop Proper Poke , located downtown Victoria, BC on 1810 Government St. on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Q: What if I have to cancel/re-schedule our appointment?

A:   A reminder that all deposits are non-refundable. Appointments may be re- scheduled to a new date with a minimum of 72-hours notice. Short notice cancellation will result in a loss of deposit, and a new deposit will be required to re-book.
If you are under the weather: Please contact our front desk (778) 440-1669 or to cancel and reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, runny nose, dry cough, illness, etc. Deposits are non-refundable but your deposit will be unaffected and moved to your rescheduled appointment. We are doing this on the honour system.

Q: When can I see the artwork for my tattoo?

A:  I don't send artwork ahead of time unless there are certain circumstances that require it. Your drawing will be ready the day of your appointment for you to see and to try on. If there are any minor changes to be made to your drawing they will be done on the spot.
However if you want to make significant changes or a re-design, your appointment may be re-scheduled. I may charge an additional "re-draw" deposit if your edits do not line up with the details you've described in your original request. It is important to include as many details about your request in your application and  our e-mail correspondences.

Q: What types of work do you prefer?

A: - I prefer and have interest in making tattoos that are hand/palm size or larger to achieve the right level of detail and shading.

I don't often tattoo lettering or script, or tattoo designs made by others.

Ideas that interest me are as follows:

* Animals, Insects - ( especially woodland creatures, birds and fish.) 

* Botanical Work - Would love to do larger scaled plants + flowers, especially anything unique.

(please do not request birthday month flower bouquets as I've already done a lot of these and I've done these combinations to death, sorry...)

* Ornamental/Geometric work

* Whimsical , magical, dreamy, witchy, dark themes

* Scientific or Midevil style Drawings

* Femme figures & faces

Q: Do you keep a waitlist/cancelation list?

A:  I do not. I find it too complicated to maintain. Keep an eye on my Instagram page for any last minute openings/cancellations. Your patience is appreciated!

Q: Help, my existing tattoo from you needs a touch up. Now what?

A:  Please e-mail me to arrange a touch up with TOUCH-UP in the subject line.
If needed - touch-ups are free for 1 year after. I recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks after receiving your tattoo to arrange a touch up. This applies to anything that did not heal well or healed a bit too light during the healing process. If you wait longer then a year - you will have to pay for touch up work starting at our minimum charge.

Q: I have an existing tattoo that needs help/and or/needs to be covered up, will you work with me?

A:  That depends on a few things! If you require a cover-up you must be prepared for a larger, darker, tattoo then your original tattoo in order to hide it properly.
When my books are open - Feel free to send me a photo of your existing tattoo with an explanation of what you'd like to cover or how you'd like to modify. If I don't feel like I'm the best artist for for your project I will provide some alternative suggestions.

Q: I e-mailed/submitted a form about a tattoo request and I didn't hear from you, how come?

A:  Thanks for your interest and sending in a request! Unfortunately, given the amount of requests that come in I cannot accommodate everyone. If you did not hear back from me this booking round, please don't be offended or discouraged and submit again next time. I do my best to fit in as many requests as I can.

Your patience is always appreciated!!!

Q:  What are your Covid-19 protocols?

A:  I operate out of Proper Poke and their website provides more information of what protocols myself and fellow tattoo co-workers follow while at work.

For more information check out Proper Poke covid-19 protocols.

Read through but still have questions?
Send in your queries and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
Ask here: 

Thank you! Your question(s) have been submitted.

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