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A Baggins Original Collaboration

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Baggins Shoes

"From our collaboration with Nicole Nowicki of Tattoo Zoo, the Baggins Original Classic Slip-On Tattoo Zoo Nicole Nowicki Skull kicks will remind you to stop and smell the flowers.

Here's what Nicole had to say about her custom design,

"I feel like the best way to approach any specific design opportunity is to just go with what you know or inspires you as a person and to apply it with some thought, love, and care. 


Drawing up plants and floral is some of my favourite type of work and combining my career passion for tattooing I decided to use a classic skull as a planter for an elegant Chrysanthemum flower.


A cheeky play on the theme of life, death, & rebirth.  A subtle reminder to tread lightly and be kind to all while we’re around for this walk of life. Also plant more plants because why not?""

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